Ate lunch with Lian at my house downstairs coffee-shop, the 2nd batch is completed, the pictures of the 4th batch has been taken, still got some left, will be taking it tomorrow at my mom’s office. Lian will not be coming my house tomorrow because my mom’s clerk got something on and will be leaving early, so she need to cover her work. Further more my mom got a meeting at 3pm tomorrow with Bread Talk’s manager.

So I will be going my mom’s office at about 2pm to take the remaining pictures and accompany Lian. Hehe

Sighz, accidentally deleted away all my Inbox Messages of my fone, damm “Delete All Messages In Inbox” feature, lost all my recent messages, lucky I got backup it on my computer but it is dated 21st October 2002, no choice, infra over all the messages and ask Lian send me some messages also. What an unlucky moment.

Fixed a b2calendar.php bug now it doesn’t show comment counts because if the comment count is 0, the post will not be displayed. Lian completed half of the Chinese New Year header which will be used later on next year for Chinese New Year. Hehe

That’s all for today folks.