Today marks the end of the fasting period for the muslim and this day is known as Hari Raya Puasa.

Just came back from supper at Henderson Market, as usual ate the Yong Tao Foo there, waited for 1 hour just to eat it, the stall auntie always serves people they know first, in another words cutting queue, and that sucks.

Filled up the application form for my Debit Card for OCBC, my mom will be submitting the form on Saturday for me. Hope can get it very soon, the best before Christmas. Hehe.

Will be watching Die Another Day with Lian later at GV Great World City, then after that going home with Lian for dinner, mom cooking steamboat. My classmates are also having a BBQ today at East Coast, but too bad couldn’t join them because my I am eating steamboat dinner at home. Hope all of them will enjoy themselves there.

The server load is still so high, do not know what is wrong.