Went to my secondary school classmates chalet’s bbq today after going to Bugis Junction with Lian. Saw XiuHui at Bugis Junction, we was just righ behind her, no wonder her back look so familer. LOL

Reached Aranda County Club’s chalets, didn’t know must pay entrance fee, $1. Found the room, 2314 at 2nd level, went it. It looks so nice, quite class, almost like a hotel, one of the nicest chalet I have ever been, but too bad SAFRA is still bigger and cheaper. And it is quite troublesome to bbq, the bbq pit is at downstairs.

Well the bbq food was quite ok, all the bbq food tastes the same to me, but this time there is extra potato salad and coleslaw. As usual, there are too much food, quite alot of left overs.

Many people didn’t went, put the organizers “aeroplane”, make them so angry, total there are about 12 people present for the bbq. 3 guys only(me, Demoblitzer and Jun Xian), and the rest are girls. First time I been to chalet where girls more than guys, normally is 75% guys 15% girls, this time is opposite. Didn’t do the cooking, girls cook food for us as there are so many of them. Hehe

Parents fetch me home and send Jun Xian back, but on the way we went to eat supper at one of the Pasir Ris coffeeshop which is 24 hours, very crowded. After we left, only left Demoblitzer the only guy staying overnight at the chalet, with about 4 girls. First time I see chalet only 5 people staying overnight. Poor organizers.

Not to bad, the bbq cost $16 per person. Will be uploading the pictures soon, about 32 of them. Well, got to go to get some sleep, will continue tonight. =)