School ended at 1pm for me today, went to Tiong Bahru Plaza for lunch with Lian, and later on she came my house to watch the chinese movie vcd that I have bought, œNaked Weapon?.

Bought BreakTalk before sending Lian home. Long time since I ate bread from bread talk.

Bought Lian the œKoichi Domoto/ 2003-2004 Johnnys Calendar Official Edition? from a Japan online CD shop on Monday, today it send me an email said that it could not be process. Didnt know OCBC debit card cannot use to buy online stuffs. Maybe it is because it is using Visa Electron instead of Visa. Shall re-order it using my moms credit card.

Will be a long day tomorrow. By the way, I have almost uploaded the whole site to Anti-Me, now I just need to wait for my MYSQL account. =)

PS: A friend of mine run into a relationship problem, shall not disclose it, it is something private. But all I have to say is that relationship this type of things are rather fragile. In order to maintain a good relationship it always take both parties effort, not just one. And also always treasure your love ones, never take them for granted.