Went to City Links HMV to buy Lians Koichi Domoto Shock Digest DVD. Wanted to give her surprise. Hehe.

Suppose to meet her at Boon Lay MRT Station, but when I reach there, she called me say she havent finished formating Jeans computer problem. So ended up meeting her at Jeans house. That was my first visit to her house. Pass Lian the dvd and she was surprise. Hehe, my plan is successful.

Left her house about 6.30pm to go to Jurong Points National Library, Lian and Jean need to find materials for their assignments.

Ate dinner at the food court there, had noodles from Lams Noodle stall, quite a famous stall in Singapore. Later send Lian home by MRT.

Friends will be coming to my house to do MMAD project tomorrow.