Had my VB practical today, I must say that is my favourite module. It is so fun and at the same time it is quite easy. Hope can get an AD for it. Nothing much happen in school, the usual stuffs.

Came home, spent the whole night(till now) to get my site up and running, and as you can see it is almost 99% up. The 1% is for missing pages, broken links and minor bugs. http://www.gamerz.per.sg will be redirect to this url from tomorrow 10am on-wards.

Was quite surprise that the press release for Westwood’s C&C Generals gone gold and the press release of Blizzard’s Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne came on the same day. Hope 2003 will be a great year for us, gamers.

Long day tomorrow till 5.30pm. Will be having lunch with Lian’s group of friends.

8 days till Chinese New Year.