Finalize my FYP group members already, total there are 6 members. We are doing Web Programming/Publishing as the project.

In the past days there are some miscommunication between me Charlene, Stacey and Jean. Till now I think that has not been resolved yet.

The only thing I can do now is to help you all find members for your FYP even-though I think saying sorry now would not help at all. If you are wondering if I feel bad or not, yes I definitely do feel bad, I am a human afterall. But what done has been done and cannot be undone. If you all choose to hate me over this matter, I also got nothing much to say.

MMPJ lecturer said it once, when FYP comes, from good friends can turn to enemies, from enemies can turn to good friends.

Quote of the day : In Life You Lose Some, You Gain Some. Admit It. Thats Life.