Ate Depot Road’s laksa for lunch before proceeding to the IT Show 2003 at Suntec City. Went with my brother and mother. Spent at least 3 hours there.

Bought a Sony Clie PEG-T665C/GD pda, they are having offer. $499 and free 64MB memory stick worth $80. The business is so good that there run out of stock. Had place my order and paid the money, will be collecting it at Funan on Wednesday.

Brother also bought an IRiver portable mp3 player, the iFP series with 64MB of storage. Not to sure which model is that.

MMPJ assignment is almost near completion, left a few task to be done together as a group. Deadline is on 21st March 2003. My FYP proposal will be based on this MMPJ assignment because it almost the same thing. =D

Week 10 of school starts tomorrow.