Damm, the same thing happen as I expected, early in the morning woken up by those noises. Crap, next time I will never buy a house on a second story unless I have no choice. Read the notice they pasted downstairs. This will go on till end of June. They are doing improvements works on the pillars. I don’t know why the fark they need to improve on the pillar, as if it will collapse. Waste the tax payers’ money by doing this type of rubbish job, much as well use the money and donate it to the Courage Fund. Brainless RC

Went out to eat lunch with my mom, ate the minced pork noodle at Bestway building, sudden craving for it. LOL. Came home printed out all my MMAD stuffs, at least 100+ papers have been used for this task. LOL. Went to bind them together later forming a think stack of notes to study. Spend the next 2 hours studying all the notes except tutorial. LOL

Spend the night doing my webpage and realize that my menu looks ugly, think I shall not cramp it all in 1 large menu. Will be redoing it after my MMAD exams.

Tomorrow is Labour’s Day, public holiday for most of us. Anyway, when school holidays come, I don’t really treasure public holiday alot. LOL.