Had my MMAD exams today, paper was quite ok, but I think last semester paper was easier. Quite a number of people didn’t finish this paper on time if I am not wrong. The storyboarding takes up so much time.

Went to Funan later by myself to look-see look-see and eat Pasta Mania. Tried the Tuna & Bacon, but I still prefer the Creamy Chicken. With the student discount even cheaper, 30% off. LOL

Had dinner at Far East Plaza (if I remember the place correctly). It is just opposite of China Square. Ate the famous Good Chance PoPiah, well it was quite ex, 4 of us eat, the bill is $80. But it is the best PoPiah in Singapore. Went for a drink at Spinelli after a filling dinner. LOL. Love the Banana Spin there.

Tomorrow is Saturday, guess I will be doing my webpage. Still stuck at the menu section. Boy do I suck in designing.