Just got my Sony Ericsson T610 from Far East Plaza. Bought it for $695. Trade in 1 Nokia 7210 and Nokia 8250. $695 – ($120+$250) = $325. Mom sponsored me $150. So end up paying $175. LOL

Had lunch at the newly renovated Hans at Far East Plaza. Long time since I ate Hans. Miss the black pepper steak there. LOL

Came home then realize that the warranty card is not stamped by the dealer. Tomorrow need to go back again to get it stamped. Hmmm. My phone does have the hissing problem, so I conclude that it is not the second batch. It doesn’t really matter. The hissing sound do irritates me sometimes especially in a quiet room. But just to bear with it and after a while, I think will get used to it. LOL

Had dinner at Zion Road hawker center. This time ate the prawns noodle. It is nice, one of the best prawns noodle I have eaten. LOL

Will be going to Far East Plaza again to get my warranty stamped and maybe go look for a screen protector for my T610.

Hope to post some pictures soon.