Didn’t went to school today, was quite tired and only a 2 hours PROJ lesson.

Somehow my brokeup with lian triggered alot of things. If she and my other friend is together, it will also strain my friendship with him. Haiz.

Talked to Lian on the handphone for an hour. Also another good chat with her. At least we are still good friends now and I told her that I still hope that we let fates decides, but she thinks that is highly impossible. Hmmm, guess that only time will tell. Humans do change in their thinking as they grows. For me, I had gain some experiences.

Here are some experience that I had learned:

» Girls tend to keep their feelings to themselves, till they cannot tolerate anymore.
» Girls tend to tell some of their feelings to their good friends rather then their boyfriends.
» Girls are not heartless, they will still remember the good times they had with you.
» Time will heal all wounds.
» Memories will fade with time but it takes much longer compared to healing a wound.
» They will still look at times, but they will not think about it.
» Of course girls will still have feelings for you after you broke, the feelings may or may not fade away with time.
» You may ask yourself. Do they really loved you before. Yes for most cases.
» There are 2 ways of seeing patching up. One is like a glass, no matter how much you patched, there will be still cracks. One is like cloth, the more you patch, the thicker it becomes.
» Don’t avoid each other after a breakup, but give each other time time to cool off and to out things. The time needed is independent on individual. For me, I took 4 days.
» Avoiding DOES NOT solve the problem. You need to face it sooner or later.
» Don’t blame each other.
» If things don’t work out, DON’T be enemies, but be friends or even better, be good friends.
» Leave things to fate, as the saying goes, what is yours will be yours. What is not yours will never be.
» Do have some hope, this will bring you back on the path of a normal life.

Somehow I still got the feeling that we will be back together again. Just a feeling, just a hope to bring me back to life.

*Update* My blogs have all the records of the past 10 months events between Lian and I. Haiz, all those sweet memories.