Went to school for GAME practical lessons only. After that went to Clementi to get my SAM’s Teach Yourself ASP In 21 Days. It is the last book left. Wonder when the stock will come in.

Was early, went with Reaper to walk around at Ngee Ang City. Saw one Panasonic’s DVD Home Theater set. Price is reasonable, $599. Think I will get something like that to replace my stupid Creative Speakers on Christmas. By then I hope I am able to sound surround my room and my TV and computer will be plug into that set.

Had lunch at the Yuki Yaki. The restaurant which serve DIY Ice Cream plus buffet at Cineleisure Level 2.

The food there is not bad and doesn’t require you to take yourself although it is buffet style. The meat need to order from the waiter and those frozen food type stuffs can be taken from the conveyor belt. 3 types of soup available and you can choose 2 as your steamboat base soup. Tom yam, pork rib or fish. I don’t really like the fish soup.

The DIY ice cream is the best part, after using it to cook your food, they will clean your hotplate and then switch the mode to cold. The cold mode is really powerful, need to wait at least 10 minutes to get the whole plate to be totally cold. Once done, you can pour you cup of ice cream which cost $3 each and the cup portion is for 2 person. Take about 5 minutes to cook it. And after that you can eat it. The plate is amazing, imagine freezing water in 30 seconds. Wonder are they using liquid nitrogen.

The price is $15.90 for adults from 12pm to 5pm on weekdays for the buffet. A cup of ice cream cost $3, and the drink cost between $1.20 to $1.50. Overall I paid $21.30. Quite expensive compared to Seoul Garden or Sakae Sushi. But is something new. Worth a try.

At night code my polls till I am so blur, can considered it complete. Tomorrow meeting my client.