Went for my first driving practical lesson. First lesson was kinda simple and was nervous. Just move front and back then drive around the circuit. My instructor is very patient and very friendly. Don’t know why I was smiling all the way after my lesson end. LOL. It is very fun learning driving.

Went for lunch with Elaine after that at Lot 1 shopping center. Came back to BBDC again for the 1st theory lesson. Leave BBDC after that to go back to SP. Had dinner at SP, the wan ton mee at foodcourt 3 taste bad. Didn’t know that even at 6.30pm, foodcourt 3 is still so crowded.

Went back to BBDC again to take the 2nd and 3rd theory lesson. Is like a refresher course for me. Will be doing my FTT practice next week and hope can pass my FTT evaluation by then and book FTT on 21st August 2003.

Always bear in mind that when driving, safety comes first.