Was very tried today, must be lack of sleep. After school came straight home took a nap till 5pm. Met my poly friends at Tiong Bahru at 6pm for dinner. Long time didn’t step into Tiong Bahru Plaza. Lots of things have change. New shops, shops relocation, new path-way at level 3, no need to walk 1/2 a round to take the escalator of the opposite direction and some path is block.

After dinner went to Touch Community Theatre at Bukit Merah to watch Twilight Kitchen. Is free for everyone, the show is local production on a very low budget. Surprising the show is excellent. Very meaningful show and I think is better than Home Run. Thumbs up for this show.

Went for supper at Zion Road Hawker Center after the show. 3 days in a row came home so late. Tired. Think will sleep till very late tomorrow.