Slept till in the afternoon for the first time after a few months. Went for lunch at somewhere opposite Concourse building. Don’t really know the place or the restaurant name. Is my first time there. The Malay Nasi Padang there is very nice. Especially the chilli. The ice milo there is super thick and on top of it they sprinkle some milo power to make it look nicer. Yummy.

Came home, took a nap. Don’t know why nowadays I am so tired and can sleep so easily.

Had wan ton mee for dinner at night. Mom cook them. Homemade wan ton, fried wan ton and char siew. The bad part about it is the noodles that my mom bought taste bad, other than that, all taste very nice.

I slack too much, 3 days didn’t touch on FYP, better start coding tomorrow. Left 2 weeks before the interim. Chiong ar!~!~