Quite an interesting day, almost all my classmates are talking about that Blaster Worm. All SP computers are patched already. Wonder did they get infected first then patch, or they have already patch it on the day Microsoft released the security announcement.

At least SP lab technicians are more pro then NTU and NUS ones as those computers in NTU and NUS are infected with that worm.

I am addicted to taking nap in the afternoon, when I come home straight from school, I always will take a nap. Not a very healthy habit.

Coded the basic search page for Quietroom, took about an hour due to keep making careless mistakes. Shall be coding the advanced search page tomorrow. I just love coding search pages compared to other sections. Don’t know why also.

Actually wanted to ask the question on 26th of this month which actually marks our 1 year. But it doesn’t really matter actually, her answer will still be the same as what she gave me today, no. At least I did try, and will not live to regret for not asking.

Time to move on, told myself many times to move on, but just could not do it. This time is for real, shall move on with my life.

Always remember, as long as you did try your best, the outcome doesn’t matter, you will not live to regret it.