Had breakfast at Subway at Suntec City. First time eating at Subway. The sandwiches not that bad, portion is large but it is expensive.

Went to Comex later, was there 30 minutes before they open at 12pm, and I thought there will be not much people. But guess that I am wrong. There was quite a number of people queuing up at the entrance.

My brother bought an XBox there for $349, it is a standard price, but at Comex there is a free gift worth more than $100. But the downside of it is that the redemption starts at 2.30pm. So we queued for 2 hours just to claim the free gifts. There are a wide range of gifts like TV, Digital Cameras, DVD players, Hi-Fi, Speakers, XBox Games and much more. There are only 12 sets of TV and they are the first to be gone. We are around the 16th people of the queue. So end up claiming an Akira DVD player.

Wanted to buy iRiver MP3 Player, but I walked the whole Comex and cannot even find a stall selling iRiver products.

Went to pray my granny later before proceeding to Sim Lim Square to buy my iRiver MP3 Player(iFP-190TC). If you want to buy audio/visual products, I recommend Dynasty Audio at Sim Lim Square 2nd level. The price is reasonable and the service is very good.

After that went to Ngee Ang City’s Best Denki to buy my TV using the vouchers. Actually wanted to buy Sony TV, but the design is quite bad and it is quite expensive, so end up getting a Toshiba 21″ Inch TV. The remaining vouchers my brother used it to buy 2 XBox Games, KungFu Chaos and Soul Caliber 2.

Guess that my MP3 Player shall be my very early Christmas present as told by my mom.

Finally got a TV in my room, and I took that Akira DVD player and connect it to my TV. Woot.

Hahaha, now left a toilet, a fridge and a kitchen to be put in my room and I shall not come out of my room. Joking.

Friends, so next time you come my house can play XBox with my brother =D LOL