Changed some logic of my GAME assignment today. Changed the way they detect collision from the grid method to the bounding volume method. At first I used the bounding volume method, but it lags alot because I did something wrongly.

Came home, took a nap as I need some rest. I have been rushing FYP, everyday spent more than 4 hours in front of the computer formatting HTML. My eyes really need a good rest after everything. Overworked, under paid.

Today, 2 of my group members went to meet our FYP client to show him some work. And to my surprise, he say we have done well and will give us a treat after the FYP. After hearing this, I feel so bad. Haven’t been putting in 100% for this FYP. Nevermind, it is not too late to put in extra effort. =D

Will be having my 7th driving lesson later at 12.55pm.

By the way, Half-Life 2 Beta is leaked out on the Internet, it weights around 1.4 GB(100 RAR files). Shall tell you all how is it like after I have played it. =D