Went to Tampines Mall yesterday after sending my brother to tuition. The whole Tampines Mall area is very crowded, no place to park the car, end up my dad park it at some HDB carpark above S-11 coffeeshop.

The reason maybe it is because there is a national Monopoly competition going on there. Had Fish & Co for dinner, the last time I ate it was during Johnson’s birthday last year. The chilli crab looks nice, wanted to order it but it is sold out.

Had lunch today at Cartel in Plaza Singapura. My brother got a $100 voucher given to him by his table tennis coach. His coach is the owner of Cartel. I find the food is average only but the price is very reasonable due to the large portion.

Went to Wheelock place, got myself the Crumpler Bag that I am eying for all the while and a small pouch for my iPod.

Had some light snack at Olio Dome, the ambiance was quite good and prices is quite reasonable. The soup and the Cesar salad was fantastic.

The weather these days is darn hot, taking an afternoon nap with my fan set to the RD speed will also perspire. I wonder how long does this bloody weather last.

Oh ya, today is Sabrina birthday. Happy 20th Birthday Sabrina.