Went to school yesterday to take the letter from the school, the last try to take 3 days leave from PTP in case I could not get a silver from IPPT. According to the personal in charge of Tekong, during PTP should be able to get 3 days off. Army is so big that have so many departments and each of them say different things.

Had lunch with my mom at Long House, the food there is so-so although heard many say there is quite alot of good food there.

Met up with Jackey at Bugis to pray at the Waterloo Street’s temple. Met up with the rest at Harbour Front.

We went to the Riverboat restaurant in Sentosa for dinner and to celebrate Jackey’s birthday. The food there was ok and the portion is quite big. Spend almost 3 hours there, talking, taking photos, cutting cake and giving the presents. It was fun.

Left Sentosa to Orchard at about 11.45pm. Terry and Geargina went home because they got something on the next day while the rest of us decided to spend our night in Orchard.

We watched Starsky And Hutch at 3.35am. I love Orchard Cineleisure because on weekends it always have 24 hours movies. Bought the tickets first then we chill our at Swensens. The air-conditioning system in Crown Prince Swensens does not make any difference with a fan. We left Swensens at about 2am and hang around in the Crown Prince Hotel’s lobby, took some photos there.

Starsky And Hutch was quite ok, I have seen far worst comedy that that before. But I guess most of my friends fell asleep now and then during the show.

It has been a fun day, long time didn’t stay overnight. Must enjoy myself more before I go in NS.

I think I am the first one to wake up. Last but not least, Happy 20th Birthday Jackey.