Watched Ichi The Killer. It is a very very gross movie, Kill Bill is nothing compared to it. I still managed to finish watching the movie without puking. Overall the movie was ok but the ending is very weird. Watch Ichi The Killer trailer.

I also downloaded Zatoichi, which is a NC16 show and it is going to show here soon. I don’t think it is worth to watch it in the cinema because our dear MDA always love to censor stuffs. In term of gross, I think it can’t beat Ichi and from what I heard the ending is very weird too.

Going to download Kill Bill Vol 2 once I have finished downloading Band Of Brothers. I hope Kill Bill Vol 2 is a M18 rating here in Singapore and hope that our dear MDA don’t censor anything, else I rather watch it from the comfort of my home.

I seriously can’t stand movie being censored, is like cheating your money. Imagine a CD stating 12 tracks, but there is only 10 tracks in the CD. Don’t blame piracy, blame MDA.

I recommend Media Player Classic, it can play all video formats/codecs. If you are having codec problem, give this player a try.

Your NTU/NUS admission status should be release to you in batches from mid April 2004 to late May 2004.

*Update* Wohoo, got my 4th month pay. My ITP is over. My JSPG assignment got selected for the ICT showcase. Woot.