Had our 9th weekly dinner at Novena Square. Actually we went there to see the Malaysia Tour Fair, and we do not know what to eat at there. Thought of going to other place for dinner when we saw Magic Wok at the top level. Thus, we settle for that. The food there is average and it is quite cheap, we ordered lots of dishes and each of us pay $9.50.

Had a chill out session at Spinelli till it closes. The girl who told us that there are closing have a serious attitude problem.

Watched 50 First Dates, and it is an excellent show. Good storyline, very humorous and touching. It is on par with Love Actually. It is really worth $6.50, if not $8.50. I feel kinda bad watching this on my computer. Great and uncensored movies deserved to be seen in the cinema. This is a romantic comedy and if were to see alone, feels kinda sad. Nowadays hard to find friends who is interested in almost all movies. Last time during secondary school, i got 3 friends who love movies alot, and after school the 4 of us used to watch almost every movie at Great World City. Now 1 of them in LA, 1 in Army and the other is too busy with school work. Sighz.

Had lunch today at M Hotel’s cafe with my mom and brother. My mom is a member of the hotel thus we get 33% discount off. If 2 person dining, my mom can get 50% off. It is very worth it. Saw Jack Neo in the cafe also together with his wife and 2 other people. They are just sitting at the table beside ours. I didn’t really notice it till my brother told me. Jack Neo looks young in person.

I didn’t realize Nanto at Liang Court has closed down and it is taken over by another Japanese Restaurant called Tampopo(I think). Feels kinda sad, been eating there for more than a decade and suddenly it just closed down.

Now need to find a descent Japanese Restaurant which serves good food and the price is reasonable besides Shima.

BTW, I just subscribed to the Singnet Anti-Spam service, and it rocks. My spam mails have been cut down to more than 75%. It cost $2.10 per month. I feel that Singnet should have more value added services, even free webmail such as Hotmail is doing it for FREE. But guess this is Singapore, everything is about money.