Yesterday went to Sentosa’s Siloso Beach with XiuHui and co. The beach was quite empty but still got chio bus of course. Ron, WeiJian and I have come to a conclusion that most chio one are wearing pink.

Inflicted 2 cuts but no blood came out, wonder why. Had dinner at Pasta Mania, ate the Country Baked Pasta. First time I finished the whole portion without getting sick of it, maybe I am very hungry.

Watched Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London. The show was quite ok and the storyline is very typical. It will be out in Singapore on 13th June 2004. The young agent girl in the show is chio at least from my point of view. Her real name is Hannah Spearritt. After doing some googling, I realise that she was from S-Club 7 and is 3 years older than me. =D

Had my fortnightly dose of Depot Road Laksa today. Check my SAT scores online, and I was quite happy that I crossed over the 1k mark. I got 590 for Maths and 470 for English, total is 1060. This is the results you get if you didn’t study at all. Been there, done that. =D

My NTU/NUS letter did not came yet. Damn it.

Received Jackey and co first post card from Malacca.

Check out The Broken, there are 3 videos there, that is worth to download, trust me. The 3rd video has an interview with Kevin Mitnick, a very famous hacker. Social Engineering + Hacking = Owned.