Been busy for the past weekends and will be till Wednesday. On Saturday and Sunday was very crowded at the expo. Sales was good. Saw ZiWei on Sunday at the expo. Hard to look to notice your friends because there is simply too many people.

Met up with Victor, YongTang and CheeWee for supper, finally Victor had not been lazy and come and fetch me because I was too tired to drive. After the supper, I got home first because I was very tired and sleep. They went somewhere other they dropped me.

Today it was only crowded during the afternoon, when the night approaches, the crowd was getting lesser. The afternoon was like an auntie paradise because there are lots of them. Saw YongTang and XiuLing (his girlfriend).

Been at the expo for 4 days and I notice a trend at my mom’s stall. Those stingy fucks who take lots of Pretz sticks 99% (when I mean alot, I mean they just take one bundle and roughly is more than 4 sticks whereas “normal” person only will take 1 or 2 sticks), they will not buy. Normally they will take and go without looking at you. Those who look at you and you stare back at them, a 50% chance they will buy. Some generous people, do not even try the sample and they just buy it.

Tomorrow the big boss of Thai Glico will be flying from Thailand to visit us at the expo, thus tomorrow everything will be orderly and “neat”.

9 more days till my civilian life is put on hold for 2 1/2 years.