Went to Suntec City to celebrate our first Valentine’s Day. Saw Alvin and Jie Lin. Didn’t know Alvin sign on as a MP Specialist. Suntec was very crowded. Practically there was long queues at almost every eatery outlet. End up we settled down at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao Restaurant. Didn’t buy flowers for her because she say flowers is so expensive which is true, I treated her dinner and it cost less than a bouquet of flowers.

She gave me a diary and I bought a Valentine’s Day Ice Cream Cake from Swensen.
Valentine's Day 2005

She wrote “This is an entry of a couple. Little little events of each day builds up to what they are now. For the months they spend together, there are laughters and tears, thins and thicks. This diary witness all … …”

She wrote down events since the day our relationship started and as I read, tears flows down my cheeks. I am deeply touched.

Thank you so much my dear for all your effort that you have put in, I really appreciate it. I love you always!