Time flies, it is now March 2005 and in exactly 22 days marks my 21st birthday.

Quite an interesting show just that certain parts at the end was very lame especially when Saint Gabriel came down stepping on John Constantine, that really worth the laugh. The visual effect during the scene when the ‘god’ of hell walk through the glass door and the glass shattered and the pieces of shattered glass touches his body and brush off was fantastic.

A Very Long Engagement
This movie is indeed long, 135 minutes long. It is a love+war story, the war visual effects is quite good. It is kinda touching to see the female lead actress go through so much trouble just to find out whether her husband to be is dead or alive. I can see the effort. lol

Lance Corporal
Promoted to LCP with effect on 1st March 2005. Just a mere $20 increase in pay and I have to spend $2 to buy 4 sets of rank, $12 to have the rank sewed on 2 sets of uniform (2 sets of No. 4, 2 sets of No. 3).

Nike Messenger Bag
Bought a Nike Messenger Bag from World Of Sports at Plaza Singapura, my mom have the discount card, thus the bag is less 20%. Now I got a set of the same design consisting of the messenger bag, pouch and shoe bag. =D

Oakley’s Spectacles
Finally got myself an Oakley’s Spectacles (Wiretap, Cobalt) for $250. The lens of my old spectacles keeps dropping because the screw came loose very often.

My 21st Birthday Dinner
To all my primary school, secondary school, polytechnic, army friends, you all are invited to my small birthday dinner at my neighbourhood. The exact location is at Bukit Purmei Hilltop on 26th March 2005 (Saturday), you can come anytime after 5pm. I will sms you all again to confirm your attendance. So please reply to it. Thanks alot.