Watched Robots at GV Jurong Point. It was a good show even though the story is very fast pace. Much more laughter is involve in this show as compared to The Incredibles. It is a must watch movie if you are in for a good laugh. One of my favourite part is when one of the robots sang, Britney Spears – Baby One More Time. And the other part is when they did the robot dance. The fusion of Jazz and Funk, Junk. That is comedy gold.

Watch out for 2 new cartoons debuting on the big screen soon. Madagascar and Ice Age 2.

IT Show 2005
Went to the IT Show 2005 at Suntec City, dad ask me to buy a Apple iPod Shuffle 1GB for my brother as his birthday present. The next IT show will be PC Show 2005 from 2nd June 2005 to 5th June 2005.

Speaking of iPod, pass my Apple 3G iPod 20GB to LiXiang. Glad that she likes it alot and have been using it more than me.

4 more days to my 21st birthday, I took off on that day =)