Thanks to all my friends and relatives that turn up for my birthday party.
Thanks for all the presents and hong baos.
Thanks to my family for all the preparation, especially my mom.
Thanks mom.
Thanks dear for all your help, the present and the lovely card you done for me.

Polytechnic Friends
– Jackey, Terry, Zhi Wei, Alvin, Kee Yong, Serene, Jie Lin, Wei Lin, Jean, Elaine, Suqin, Geargina, Hui Juan, Xiu Yu
– Total: 14

Secondary School Friends
– Shaun, Jun Xian, Jie Ting, Jing Wei, Shi Ming, Desmond, Calvin, Victor, Yong Tang, Chee Wee, Pei Jun, Mei Yi, Angie, Angeline, Angie’s Boyfriend, Angeline’s Boyfriend
– Total: 16

– Total: 23

– Brother’s Friends
– Total: 7

Grand Total: 60

Hope I did not miss out any names. =)

View photos: Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan’s 21st Birthday Party. If you want all the pictures in a single zip file, please msn me =)