Watched XXX2: The Next Level at GV Grand on Labour Day. Excellent action pack show which will keep you at the edge of your seat. It lives up to the reputation of XXX1. But if you are looking for storyline instead, I suggest you give this a miss.

Watched Divergence yesterday, not a good show at all. It is like a replica of Infernal Affairs, but either they fail badly or simply I am too dumb to understand what the movie is toking about.

Watched Sound Of Music at Esplanade Theatre on the 29th April 2005 because LiXiang office is having a 10% discount on the tickets. So I wanted to give it a go as I never watch a play before. The play was good, not as boring as I thought. The sound system was crisp and clear, but the spaces in between the seats is very cramp, much worst that movie theatres.

Pay day is coming on the 10th May 2005, going to be my 1 year in NS soon. I really got nothing to blog about, even LiXiang is lazy to blog LOL