Pepper Lunch

Pepper Lunch
There is this new Japanese restaurant called Pepper Lunch at Ngee Ann City, just opposite Yoshinoya. They served Teppanyaki type of food like steak, chicken or hamburger onto a very special hot plate which is being heated to 200 degree celcius then slowly cooled down. Vegetables that go along with the meat includes bean sprout, carrot and long beans. They have sauces like garlic soy and honey mustard to go along with the meat. The butter is very special. Good service by the staff there. The steak + hamburger set with rice and drink cost $14.80. It is something special but I think more work can be done in the marinating of the meat. Taste abit plain.

Sony Ericsson W800i
My brother upgraded his M1 line and bought Sony Ericsson W800i for $888 before $120 rebate. The set includes 2x 512mb memory stick if you are wondering.

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Land Of The Dead

Land Of The Dead
Caught Land Of The Dead 2 weeks ago at GV Grand. Quite a good show, I think is better than Dawn Of The Dead and Resident Evil 2. I love Zombies and War movies but it seems to me that there are no upcoming movies of that genre. Resident Evil the movie will have another 2 more installations. The 3rd movie is called Resident Evil: After Life which will come only in 2006.

Army Stuffs
My section mate/batch boy got his last finger cut seriously when we are removing the flag poles for Guard Of honor. Imagine how heavy a flag pole is and the flag pole that cut his finger was the state flag pole meaning it is the biggest and heaviest among all. It is so serious that he has a 2 months MC, and need to go minor operation and when that finger is fully recovered, he cannot bend his last finger fully. He is aiming for downgrading, which I think he should.

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Singapore’s 40th Birthday

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
Caught this movie at Cineleisure, been some time since I watched movie at Cineleisure. Movie was quite good, short, sweet and pretty straightforward. If you read the book, then I would recommend you to watch this movie. Ate Subway for lunch, now I am kinda addicted to Subway. 1 foot long oven baked turkey breast with extra cheese and extra ham filled with tomatoes, onions and lettuces, top with sweet onion sauce together with the soup of the day and a medium drink. $15.60 for 2 persons meal.

Mos Burger has a new soup, clam chowder. Don’t taste that good if you ask me. Still prefer the corn soup.

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GaMerZ Expenses Tracking System

I am going to launch a free service for everyone. It is called GaMerZ Expenses Tracking System. As the name implies, this online software enables you to track your monthly expenses. All you have to do is just to key it in and the software will do the rest.

» Daily, monthly, yearly view of expenses
» Average per day spent
» Calendar view of any month
» Able to filter by category or/and payment mode
» Sorting options
» Uses session instead of cookies for additional security
» Add/edit/delete items, categories and payment modes
» Monthly budget
» Free

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