Land Of The Dead
Caught Land Of The Dead 2 weeks ago at GV Grand. Quite a good show, I think is better than Dawn Of The Dead and Resident Evil 2. I love Zombies and War movies but it seems to me that there are no upcoming movies of that genre. Resident Evil the movie will have another 2 more installations. The 3rd movie is called Resident Evil: After Life which will come only in 2006.

Army Stuffs
My section mate/batch boy got his last finger cut seriously when we are removing the flag poles for Guard Of honor. Imagine how heavy a flag pole is and the flag pole that cut his finger was the state flag pole meaning it is the biggest and heaviest among all. It is so serious that he has a 2 months MC, and need to go minor operation and when that finger is fully recovered, he cannot bend his last finger fully. He is aiming for downgrading, which I think he should.

My best buddy in NS all the way my section mate from PTP to BMT to SOP to Gombak has just been posted to Air Force School. He has always wanted to be a pilot since BMT but during our BMT there are no pilot intake. I wish him all the best in his career, and I will ROD before he ORD. He ORD in 2028. LOL. Miss those good/hard times we spend together during our army lies from the day we enlist till now. All the best my bud.

I have no idea what the heck is Provost doing. There will not be any MPs posted to us till 21st November 2005. And our platoon is SERIOUSLY down in man-power. Imagine a section from 15 men/spec becomes 10 men/spec. It simply just means that the 10 men/spec have to cover all the duties meant for 15 people.

Did a web-based Clearance System for my section commander and I got 3 days off for that =D

Expenses System
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