Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
Caught this movie at Cineleisure, been some time since I watched movie at Cineleisure. Movie was quite good, short, sweet and pretty straightforward. If you read the book, then I would recommend you to watch this movie. Ate Subway for lunch, now I am kinda addicted to Subway. 1 foot long oven baked turkey breast with extra cheese and extra ham filled with tomatoes, onions and lettuces, top with sweet onion sauce together with the soup of the day and a medium drink. $15.60 for 2 persons meal.

Mos Burger has a new soup, clam chowder. Don’t taste that good if you ask me. Still prefer the corn soup.

Angie’s 21st Birthday Party
Went for Angie’s 21st birthday party at NSRCC. At first I do not know where it is, but after some searching, I found out it is actually the place where my secondary school friends held the chalet last time. It is known as SAFRA Country Resort Club if I am not wrong. As usual the rest was very late, Calvin, Victor and See Ming was there about the same time but Pei Jun and co come at 11pm. Unfortunately all of us left at 9pm. The cake is cute, it is the shape of a burger and it cost $164. Very unique cake indeed.

Caught this movie at GV Grand yesterday, it sucks. Boring and the jokes doesn’t make me laugh. Regretted watching it because on the trailer is looks good, or rather tell me which movie doesn’t looks good on trailers.

Singapore’s 40th Birthday
Singapore celebrated her 40th birthday yesterday. But the national day parade was very disappointing. The air display was average, the MP silent precision drill sucks, and the later part of the program is boring. The best part of the whole parade was the Mobile Column where 204 vehicles from SAF and the home team showed off their vehicle technology. This year fireworks was plenty.

Down with a flu, will be on MC today and tomorrow. Now when I am little bit sick, I will take go and see the MO. No point slogging for the stupid unit that I am in when they don’t appreciate you at all and ALWAYS take you for granted. To hell with them.