Project Superstar
WeiLian won although I was hoping for Kelly to win, never vote for any because I think it is a waste of money. 1 sms $0.60. With $0.60 I can buy 1 can of drink to quince my thirst.

I think this Project Superstar is so much bigger than Singapore Idol as a whole and that makes Singapore Idol sucks. =D

Joaquim Porridge Buffet
Had porridge buffet for lunch, it is $9.80 nett per person and you can only pay by cash. Not bad, I kinda like the light spread there. Just that it lacks plain water.

Comex 2005
Went to Comex 2005 yesterday. Upon reaching Suntec Conventional Hall, I notice that they have make some changes to the escalator, 1 end is for up and the other end is for down. I think this is a very good way to solve human traffic problems.

Bought a Sony Network Walkman E505 (512MB) (Blue) for $259 from there and got a free Passive Speaker. Upon registering the product, I get a free My Sony Handphone Strap and Cardholder. LiXiang wanted the pink color, but they do not have it there. Called Sony Customer Service and enquire about it and they told me that Sony Gallery at Wisma has it and I ask them to reserved 1 set there. It also cost $259 but without any free gifts. Went to Orchard to collect it before heading home.

The Cave
Came back home was tired due to Thursday mounting day and thus took a nap till 12mn. Woke up feeling energetic and wanted to watch a movie. Thanks to Cathay Cineleisure 24 hours movie, we caught The Cave at 3.30am and before that we ate Subway which closes at 3am. There is also a 24 hours kopitiam at the Youth Park which all the stores are opened for business.

“The movie is about cave exploration. A group of expertises first came 30 years ago, looking for the cave. What they see was only a church. As they break through the floor and locate the cave, the whole church collapse, burying them. Another group of expertise came 30 years later to find the same cave. This time they believe there is an underground passage. A team of professional cave divers are engaged in this operation too. They would never imagine the danger and threats hidden. Deep inside are monsters which morph and revolve, having special physical features that allow them to survive in the cave environment.” – Quote from LiXiang’s Blog

The cave is kinda nice, I like this type of adventurous show. I think in this world there is still alot of things men yet to discover, look how deep is our ocean and how bug is our mountains.

This is the software that I am using to transfer music to my nw-e505 and it SUCKS. Bloody hell. I can’t even import 5000+ music files as it will crash whenever I try do that. I tried with 1000+ songs and it still crashes. It is fucking annoying. This is no doubt the worst piece of shit software I have ever come across.

To solve this bloody problem, I have to use Winamp to create a playlist of the songs that I want to transfer then use SonicStage to import the playlist in.

I also tried using MP3 File Manager Version 2.0, and for whatever reasons I do not know, whenever I transfer song to my player, it just says “Cannot Play”.

The software for Sony audio products really fucking sucks to the core, no doubt about it.