Seems like Sony has replied to Apple with this.


The brand new Sony MP3 WALKMAN is the most cutting-edge yet, combining high-end design with ease-of-use and advanced functionality which seriously upgrades your listening experience.

It arrives in two sizes: the NW-A3000 holds 20GB and the NW-A1000, 6GB. Both are made from a futuristic translucent material, sexy to the touch and gorgeous to look at in all its various incarnations: the 20GB comes in violet and silver, the 6GB in violet, silver, pink and blue. And, of course, even the headphones are color coordinated.

As it comes to life, the luminescent Organic EL display lightens up. The three buttons make operating the player a cinch.

Naturally, because it€„¢s a Sony, the audio quality is impeccable.

Official Sony Press Release.