Been busy for with my army life and not forgetting LiXiang for the past 2 weeks. Man power was really down for my section. For standby duties we got only 1 hour break from 7 hours of duty, mounting duties we got like 8 hours break/sleep from 12 hours of duties. Really wears me out, sometimes when I reach home I just feeling like sleeping and not doing any other things else.

Surf & Turf
Tried this western food restaurant at Suntec City, it was quite average nothing special or unique about it. I think Tony Romas may be better because I haven’t tried Tony Romas yet. Will be having my 1 year anniversary dinner with LiXiang at Suntec City Tony Romas. =D

Sun With Moon
There is this newly opened Japanese restaurant at Wheelock Place called Sun With Moon. The food there is slightly above average but the price is abit expensive. The ambience/decorations of the restaurant is quite well done and the cutlery used is very nice, so tempted to take it home. LOL

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
FFVII: Advent Children was released just a few days ago. Watched it and it is great, really bring back those FFVII memories. There is another animé series to it called Lost Order, the story is about Zack, Cloud and Sepheroith. Haven’t seen it yet, thus can’t comment on it yet.

Macromedia Studio 8 And Nero 7
Macromedia Studio 8 is out, but I do not see much of a difference as compared to Macromedia Studio MX 2004, while on the other hand Nero 7 Burning Rom has quite a huge difference as compared to Nero 6 especially in the GUI area.

SE K750i R1N035
Tried updating my SE K750i firmware through Sony Ericsson Update Service (SEUS). It is my 1st time doing so and it failed to update my firmware and hence my firmware is corrupted. The update stop at 50% and the error message “Error In Communicating Device” appears. I did a search and it seems that quite alot of people are getting the same problem. I have no choice but to get my phone re-flashed to R1N035 at Wisma Atria. It took me 3 hours. According the SE personal, the firmware online is corrupted, but if it is corrupted, how come a hand full of people can get their update done successfully. I did check the log, Java just throw an exception and that is all they wrote in the log. But anyway, now my phone is fine.