Ah yes, finally an update. Been very very busy for the past weeks, sleeping early, doing programming and going out. Finally found some time in camp to post this.

Just came back from my 1st gym session in SAFTI. I must exercise, if not I will be getting fatter each day and my clothes will soon be smaller.

Just got my NUS letter yesterday, my AY starts on 7th August 2006 (Monday), but I ORD on 8th August 2006 (Tuesday). I wonder can I ORD earlier like maybe on 4th August 2006 (Friday) as I cannot collect my IC on weekends. My chief clerk is on leave, must ask her when she comes back.

3 more days to 2006. Lots of good movies and gadgets will be coming out in 2006. Lets see how technology is next year!

Aeon Flux
Quite an interesting show, but the plot is rather shallow. Storyline quite similar to The Island, but The Island is still nicer. I kind of like the scene where they were about to infiltrate the main building and they go though plantations and grass patches but actually all those are hidden weapons. The fruits are like machine guns and the grass are sharp edges. I like the concept.

King Kong
3 hour show, excellent visual effects but I think still lose out to LOTR. There are quite alot of funny scenes and the last scene was kind of sad. I find the show abit long, the 1st hour of the show is quite boring, only towards the middle then it become interesting. Is it me or the tribal woman in the show says “Tua Ling Kong” or something similar?

Christmas 2005
Had lunch at Outback on Christmas’s Eve with LiXiang. The food they served that is quite different from what they served in Thailand’s Outback. But the food is as good and the portion is as big. We ordered 3 side dishes (soup, blooming onion and cheese fries) and 1 main dish (grilled chicken breast). Both of us can’t finished the food as in there are quite alot of left over. But the food there is excellent, it is better than Tony Roma.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
This is quite a children show, but it is average. Still can watch. The fighting scenes is no where compared to LOTR. But I still think Harry Potter is better than Chronicles of Narnia. It is Narnia and not Nardia.

WordPress 2.0
Wordpress 2.0 was released on 26th December 2005 and it breaks htaccess compatibility issues. I have updated wp-polls, wp-pagenavi and wp-useronline to be compatible with WP 2.0. wp-email and wp-print will be on the way as soon as I figured out the htaccess part. Followed behind will be least popular plugins like wp-stats, wp-wap and wp-dbmanager.

I will try to make all the installations of the plugins as easy as possible with minimum user editing. Finally I had learned how add_filter() and add_action() works. LOL, abit slow.

As for the site, I will not upgrade to WP 2.0 so soon, maybe in 1 to 2 months time.