Had an eventful weekends last week, as we meet up with our Thailand friends and brought them around Singapore for shopping.

They have been to Chinatown, Little India, Funan IT Mall, Habour Front and Suntec City. The most memorable one is the Little India trip. That was like my second time to Little India, after bringing Adam 2 years ago. There is this new arcade that sells quite a number of jewellery. Bought some bangles there but the girls are shopping like crazy.

Thanks to them, i wouldn’t step into Little India in the usual days and to touch the water at the Suntec City’s fountain. Singapore ain’t that boring i guess. Heez~ But too short a stay in Singapore, we would have brought them to try Nasi Lemak, Fried Kway Teow, have some local breakfast, lunch and dinner. And you will be surprise, they don’t like Far East Plaza.