Chinese New Year
Pay the usual visit to the relatives’ house during the Chinese New Year. Except that 3 of us (siblings) gathered to Mr Yuan’s house. Hee~ It’s been long time I have seen him after his retirement. Anyway, great visits and had a lot to catch up.

I have enrolled for NUS and NTU this year. Will need to prepare my portfolio and a short video of about myself and send them in by this Friday for the design course i am opting in NTU. Still thinking of other schools like NAFA. But will be going to their open house 9 to 11 February 2006.

World Skills Competition
Remembered i participated in the World Skills Competition 2004. But never seen my certificate of participation. Somehow when you grow older, your memory is deteriorating, badly for me. Both Serene and I forgot whether the certificate is sent to us or we have to collect at ITE Dover. Search through the WWW and found the Sponsorship Manager for the WSC 2006. Kiasu me, wrote an email and left a voice message, for him to direct me to somebody whom i should be speaking to. Very effective of them, I have received calls from the ITE, to collect the certificates after office hours. Damn touch~ Later go buy card to express my appreciation. Kekeke~

Portable Hard Drive
Decided to buy a portable hard drive because i have a massive collection of my artwork since work. Good time to keep portfolio. Actually, it is not right to make a duplicate of the work here, as you know, the owner is still the company who employs you. Since I have not submit any resignation letter, i decided to take my time to copy.

Laily Birthday
Ms Bong, Happy 23rd Birthday to you. I wonder have i provide the correct address to SingPost. Anyway, there is no indication that the sender is me, so just let you know what’s inside. It is a sheet of customized stamps. Got photos of me, you, serene and qin taken during the poly times. SingPost stamp (on the left) and the photo (on the right) makes a valid stamp, so you can post them out together with your mails. But i bet you wont. Hahaha~ See if it reaches this week, then you can show us during this Saturday?

Image Zoo
Got a freelance deal, to draw icons for this stock image company. Getting rather restless at work and decided to give it a try with the freelancing. Dateline is near, still struggling. Hahaha~