Caught Final Destination 3 yesterday at GV Grand. It was a quite a good show, but it is not linked with the first 2 parts. The way those people die, is still as gross as the first 2 parts or maybe even more gross. LiXiang got the effect of that and have problems sleeping yesterday. Poor girl.

Kinda hook on to Thai Express after LiXiang introduce it. At the beginning, I thought the food there kinda suck, but after trying it, I was wrong. The food there is good and it is very value for money. I even applied for their Orange Card and it entitles me for 20% discount if I visit Thai Express every week and 10% if my last visit is more than 7 days. On top of that, it gives me a $10 voucher and a $15 birthday voucher. The card cost me $15 (if I am not wrong).

Today is the 2nd last day of February 2006, 26 more days to my 22nd birthday and 160 days more to ORD!