Faculty Test
Took my faculty test on Saturday in NTU. Saw a couple of familiar faces like Karen, Han Jie, Zhi Fan, Seetoh and Lincoln. The test took about 1 hour 30 minutes with a total of 5 questions. The lecture room is easy to find as Pei Jun has showed me the other time. But the atmosphere was quite tense or probably i am not use to the examination atmosphere anymore. The table is very low, i practically had my neck strain after the whole test. Therefore, i only maintain my eye level. Any movement just ache my neck. Can’t post the questions in the blog (that was reminded by the invigilator), and papers are in random sets anyway. So you may get different questions.

Meet Lester at Tiong Bahru Plaza for lunch, Thai Express again. He is kinda hooked with this restaurant. Heez~ After which, we roam about at Great World City to wait for our movie time for Underworld Evolution. I can’t remember much, but i remember we slept from 8pm to next morning 7am, totally shag and tired.

Botanic Garden
Had our breakfast at West Coast MacDonald. Seems like we are always rushing for time. But i wish to take a real slow breakfast with him. Slag around and read newspapers. Hmm~ Waiting for such a day. Pick the girls up to Botanic Garden for photo shooting. Shaun is there as well. Due to the renovation, i guess some of the gardens are no longer there. Pretty different from what i remember when i was young. A lot of the owner brought their doggies along to the park. Next time, my ah pi shall visit this wonderful place with me.

I took very little photographs. But it is a very good experience, learning the photography skills from them. I remember the most hilarious moment, when i walk into the bush to take a nice flower portrait. The moment i squat down i saw a worm wiggling at me. Holy goodness gracious, i jumped and screamed. Indeed a wrong demonstration. Hahaha~

Bong attempts to do some drawings at the swan pond. She says somebody took her picture. Lol~ We ended our day in Botanic Garden by climbing a big tree. I have no experience in doing so. Have to give up half way through becoz I dun feel myself secured by any harness. (^_^) You noe, that feeling.

Lunch at Taka€„¢s Crystal Jade before we ended the whole gathering. We will organise something like so in alternate weeks. Those who are interested can join us. Heez~