Today marks my 22nd Birthday, 4th Birthday of GaMerZ HomePage and 17 months together with LiXiang. Good things always falls on the 24th =D

Celebrated my birthday with my INTEC friends yesterday at Singapore Discovery Center eating pizza, going to celebrate with LiXiang later eating Kushin-Bo at Suntec City and going to celebrate with my family on Sunday eating tim sum at Lei Garden.

Thanks to my ah dear for the nice t-shirt with our logo printed on the front and a wing image printed on the back. It will really be a surprise if I never catch you red handed. LOL =D

Thanks to my brother also for 2 of his nice t-shirts, 1 is from Flesh Imp and the other is hand written “gamerz.php” on the front and “</body>” at the bottom back of a black U2 t-shirt.