The Wild
We had dinner at the usual pasta stall outside Ngee Ang’s City, but the standard drop =(

Caught The Wild at Orchard Cineleisure, been sometime since I have been there and that place change a lot from having a damn huge Apple Shop (yes that is how long I have not been there) and a Nike shop. We caught the digital version of the show and there is no advertisements at all. I just hate those advertisements, I don’t mind if they are new and I have not seen it before, but it is always those few like Warner Brother, Visa etc.

Been eating 2 buffets for the past weeks. 1 was on Thursday eating the Steamboat Buffet at Joaquim and 1 was yesterday eating the Porridge Buffet also at Joaquim.

LiXiang’s New Watch
She finally got a new watch after 5 years and it is from Swatch. I told her to buy a cheaper watch first to see whether she is used to wearing a watch before getting her $365 CK watch. =D

She still do not know how to read the time if there are no indications. So need to train her, when you see her, just keep asking her what is the time now. LOL

When you ask her 1 year how many days, she will say 300 days + 2 months. Weird right? But technically she is correct. LOL

Triple Boot
Managed to get my Mac OS X to dual boot with my Windows XP. The problems lies with that the Mac partition. The Mac partition must be after C:\ (Windows Partition) and it must be primary. Previously, my Mac partition was primary but was after C:\.

I managed to install Windows Vista and make it triple boot. But I need to do something about the 14 days activation of Vista. Here is a screenshot.

Windows Vista rocks man.