Over The Hedge
Caught Over The Hedge at GV Jurong Point on Friday. I kinda like the movie, so far one of the best cartoon movies I saw. From my point of view, I think it is better than In The Wild. But LiXiang thinks otherwise.

Supper At Bukit Timah
Met up with Suqin, Laily and Wei Jian after the movie for supper at Bukit Timah and boy it was crowded.

Will be going to Redang on the 10th July 2006 (Monday) and coming back on the 14th July 2006 (Friday) together with LiXiang. Finally our dreams came through after months of saying that we want a get away. Looking forward to the trip =D

The Da Vinci Code
Caught The Da Vinci Code at 11.50pm at GV Grand on Saturday. Again from my point of view, the movie is kinda nice because I had not read the story book. But for LiXiang who read the story book, she says that the movie was kinda lousy as it does not include many details.

Coca Steamboat
Celebrated my dad 50th birthday at Coca Steamboat at International Building located beside Shaw Center. The lunch buffet is $18+++ per adult and I think the price is very reasonable as it is a weekend lunch buffet. Food there was above average, the fish glue, green noodles and fried shreds of crab sticks is nice. We chose tom yum as our soup based and it is nice too, but just a bit spicy.

Apple iPod Nano 2GB
My brother bought an Apple iPod Nano 2GB from Apple Center @ Orchard as his 1GB iPod Shuffle is going to spoil any time.

Dual Monitor Rocks
Managed to get another Philips 170S Monitor and a DVI to Analog converter and now I am using dual monitor in my camp. It is so cool.

X-Men 3: The Last Stand
Will be watching X-Men 3 with LiXiang, Laily and Suqin this Saturday at GV Marina. I have booked the tickets =D. I read the First Magazine and it says that X-Men 3 will be the last installation to the X-Men Trilogy. For all X-Men fans out that, lets hope that their information is wrong.

19 Months Together
Today marks the 19th month that we have been together.
Happy 19 months to us my dear =D