The Benchwarmers
As we got nothing to do on Sunday, we decided to catch a movie, it was kind of a last minute decision. We were choosing between The Benchwarmers and The Nun, but end up watching The Benchwarmers because we seldom watch horror show. My expectation for Benchwarmers was quite low, but it turn out to be opposite of what I expected, it was quite heart warming. It was very humorous that I almost laugh throughout the whole show.

Camp’s Internet Down
For the whole of last week, my camp’s Internet connection was down due to a lighting strike which causes the server to trip. But now it is back up and running.

My computer in camp was borrowed for some simulation exercise, so I am left with nothing but a laptop which is shared among my group members.

A computer without Internet is like a body without hands, if there is no computer and no Internet, it is like a body without hands and legs.

PC Show 2006
Went to the PC Show on Friday and it was damn crowded, I hate school holidays. Apple was not at this show. Memory prices are damn cheap. Kingston’s 1GB MiniSD card for like $37+, Sandisk 1GB MiniSD card for like $55+. If you are thinking of getting MiniSD card for your Nokia phone, it is recommanded for you to get Sandisk, because according to Hardware Zone, it is known that Kingston’s MiniSD card has conflict with Nokia’s phone. I am using a Kingston’s 1Gb SD card of my PDA and it works fine.

According to some stats, this IT exhibition (PC Show 2006) has the most number of visitors in 6 years.

It must be because of the Progress Package which is handed out on 1st May 2006. LOL

Upcoming IT exhibition
Comex 2006: Around September 2006 (No news yet)
Sitex 2006: 30th November 2006 to 3rd December 2006 (Singapore Expo Hall 3 & Hall 4)

World Cup 2006
World Cup 2006 will start this Saturday, 10th June 2006 at 00:00 (Singapore’s time), first match will be Germany vs Costa Rica.

25 workdays to go.