Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
Caught Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest last weekend, the movie was not bad, lasted for about 150 minutes. The ending was like WTF? Apparently Pirates of the Caribbean will be a trilogy, and in the third part there will be a new villian called Sao Feng (acted by Chow Yun-Fat), captain of a red-sailed pirate ship named Empress. More information here.

Been going to NUS on Monday and Friday for my Maths (MA1301) and Qualifying English Test (QET) respectively and will be going again this Monday for my Data Structures And Algorithms (CS1102) placement test. This batch enrolled into NUS, for DMMT students we have been exempted 3 modules CS1101, CS2102 and CS3240, whereas last year, there is no exemption. Lucky us. Glad to see my poly classmates, Luvi and WeiQuan got into the same course.

Good Food
Been eating good food last week, Surf And Turf in Funan, Outback in Millennia Walk and Spizza in Harbour Front. Spizza’s pizza is so far the best pizza I have eaten.