NUS Matriculation
NUS Matriculation was very fast, within 20 minutes I am already paying for my notebook. Upon entering the sports hall, we submitted most of our forms and we get the NUS matriculation card immediately. After that, there will be an area where all the laptops booth are and you can purchase the laptops straight from there. For cash and carry, you only can pay by NETS, Cheque or Cash. If you opt for the notebook loan, you will get your laptop around end August.

After that, we went to the 2nd level where all the CCAs booth are, I bought the SoC Matriculation Pack for $8, kinda regretted, but just take it as supporting them for the effort they put in. If you want to siam all the CCAs booth, just walk as fast as you can and when they stop u, just say not interested. LOL

NUS Orientation
Orientation started at 9am on Thursday, although it stated 10am on the paper. After gathering at LT27, we practice our cheers. I am in Group 6 by the way. Followed by some ice breaker games which I think is the most meaningful segment because we all do not know each other. Lunch was after that, followed by a talk on Games Development and Interactive Media Design.

I was intending to stream into Communications and Media, but after the talk, seeing that I need to do 3D modeling, 3D/2D animation, storyboarding, designing, drawing and insane amount of programming (all these are my weakest), I decided to stream into Information Systems. At least it is useful to me when I need to help out my mom in years to come.

Right after the talk, there is a mass dance segment and flag creation segment which takes up 1 hour each. By the time it is already 6pm. I still think that both of the segment is quite redundant.

We went to bid for our modules in one of the lab in SoC, the bidding process was quite ok, beginning to understand. Hopefully I can get all the modules that I want, I will post what modules I will take when it is confirmed.