Been busy redesigning this site and studying for my exams which will start this Friday and my last paper will be on 4th December 2006.

Ah Dear Birthday
Celebrated ah dear birthday at Cafe Swiss located at Swissotel The Stamford. Food there was good but not really to our liking. It is similar to Ikea style but I still find Ikea food nicer because they put an Asian touch to it.

Bought my ah dear an Adidas Jacket and an Adidas Singlet. As for the cake part, I bought for her a heart shape cookie cake from Famous Amos which is too sweet for our liking.

Happy 23rd 22nd birthday my dear!!! Love you lots <3 <3 <3

Flushed Away
Recommended. Interesting storyline and is funny. I think nowadays cartoon movies are much more worth watching than normal movies. Next cartoon I will be watching will be Happy Feet.

Casino Royale
Another James Bond flick, I don’t quite like the story line. In terms of action, I like the beginning part because I think that is where the most exciting action lies. In terms of new identity, I still prefer Pierce Brosnan than Daniel Craig, he is more charming and got the “seh”.

Internet Connection Upgrade
Finally upgraded my Internet connection from Maxonline 4000 to Maxonline6500 and soon it will be Maxonline 12000. I will have a downstream of 1.5 MB/s and upstream of 48 KB/s