LiXiang’s New Computer
LiXiang bought a new computer today from Fuwell (my favorite store in Sim Lim Square). Specs as followed:

» Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 (2.4GHz)
» MSI P965 Neo-F i965P
» PC 5300 Twinmos DDR2 667 CL5 (2x512mb)
» PowerColor X1950Pro 512MB Extreme (PCI-E)
» Seagate 250GB 16MB (SATA2)
» Sony DRU-830A 18xDVD+-RW
» iCute 5566-BB (Casing)
» AcBel E2 450W Dual Rail 20/24Pins (PSU)
» Logitech Internet Pro Desktop Black (Keyboard & Mouse)
» MS Windows XP Home w/SP2 (OEM)

Damage: $1818

Night At The Museum
Caught Night At The Museum last night at GV Jurong Point, the show lasted about 2 hours and it is quite good. Humorous and unique storyline. It is only towards the middle of the show that is interesting, the introduction is boring.

Quite a boring movie even with the fight scene which is suppose to be the climate of the whole movie. Hope the 2nd installation will be better. Lords Of The Rings is way better.

3D Mark 2006
Benchmarked my current computer using 3D Mark 2006 and it is obtain miserables score of 1466. Will be benchmarking LiXiang computer later.

EDIT: LiXiang’s computer 3D Mark 2006 score is 5224.