Caught Shooter on Sunday night, the show is more than 2 hours long and it was not that bad, slightly above average. The main character of the movie Bob Lee Swagger (Mark Wahlberg) is an aimbot by himself, the movie portray his shot to be almost 100% accuracy, but I wonder whether this is achievable in real life. The movie is about US government conspiracy, I wonder why US government conspiracy is so popular among directors. Prison break is also about US government conspiracy.

My brother told me that Swagger’s partner who died at the start of the show is Tweener (Lane Garrison) of Prision Break. I didn’t realize that.

McDonald’s Wifi
Wirless@SG owns McDonald’s Wifi anytime. McDonald’s should consider using Wireless@SG instead of Skynet Global because it is so damn freaking slow.

Class 95 Dedication
I want to thank my ah dear for dedicating song for me over the radio at Class 95 (Love Songs segment) while we are studying at West Coast McDonald’s. I am typing this blog post from there.